Introducing Calculi v2.1 - Bringing Calculi to the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Support

Calculi has been rebuilt from the ground up for the Apple Watch.  Taking advantage of watchOS 2, Calculi doesn't require an iPhone to calculate and makes use of the haptic feedback built into the watch.  If you press a button, the watch tells you that the input was successful.  Even more so, if you try to calculate an expression that contains an error, the watch will vibrate with greater intensity.  Also included is a simple tip calculator for providing the total tip, individual payments, and the total amount with tip included. 

iOS Improvements

Besides support for the Apple Watch, Calculi v2.1 also brings many improvements to its iOS counterpart.  New features include:

  • Ability to copy the previous answer into a new expression
  • The same number cannot be added to the history view multiple times
  • Calculi will no longer disrupt music playing in the background
  • UI Improvments
  • Animation improvments
  • New slide over view for iPad
Michael Natole JrComment