Profit Finder v1.4 - Updated for iOS 11

Profit Finder v1.4 is now available for download from the App Store.  The app has been updated with exciting new features and enhancements.

Upon start of the app, the design has been updated.  A cleaner on boarding experience gives the user a better understanding behind the capabilities of Profit Finder.  The user is then greeted with a refreshed design matching iOS 11's new design style.  Support for the new iPhone X has also been included.

Saving products has now been updated with a new save sheet.  Now along with choosing a product name, a custom thumbnail can picked either from the device's camera or photo library.  Results can also be shared through email or iMessage without being saved.  Products are now searchable within the app by product name.

Lastly, fees for Amazon, eBay, and PayPal have been updated as well:

  • Amazon referral fees have been updated.
  • eBay store fees have been updated and the top rated seller discount has been changed from 20% to 10%.
  • PayPal's fee structure for transactions inside the U.S. has been updated.
App Store Badge.png

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Michael Natole JrComment