Profit Finder v1.3 - New Fees for Amazon, eBay, and PayPal

Amazon, eBay, and PayPal have all recently made changes to their fee structure and Profit Finder has now been updated to reflect those changes.

eBay made the most changes to their fee structure.  The Top Rated Seller discount is now only 10% instead of the previous 20%.  This change is reflected in the settings tab of Profit Finder.  Also, many of the category fees for sellers with stores has also been changed.

Amazon also updated the selling fees for specific categories such as watches.  You can view all of the new fees within the category selection for Amazon in Profit Finder.

Lastly, PayPal made a few changes to their fees as well.  Since Profit Finder is only available for download in the United States, only the domestic fees are included for your selection.  You now only have the choice of PayPal's standard fee, fees for charities, and fees for PayPal Here for both swiping a customer's card and manual entering it.

Lastly, if you enjoy using Profit Finder please take the time to leave a review on the App Store.  Any feedback is always welcome.