A Smarter Scientific Calculator

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Why are calculators so hard to use?

Calculators are sometimes hard to use and understand.  Calculi plans to change all that.  Instead of your calculator yelling at you that you did something wrong, it interprets your expression and gives you a helpful solution as to how to correct it.

Calculi doesn’t evaluate operations, but can solve complex expressions using the order of operations.  So with 29 operations and functions, go ahead and calculate anything and everything.  Functions include:

  • Trigonometric Functions

  • Hyperbolic Functions

  • Modulo

  • Factorial

  • And many more…

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Designed with iOS 11 in Mind

Calculi supports all devices in all orientations.  Even better, slide over and split view are available on supported devices.  The single, simple display enables you to view your entire expression.


Gestures are fun. So why not?

  • Swipe right to delete
  • Swipe left to clear

Get Sharing!

Don't be selfish.  The history tape can be shared either as a single thread or the entire tape using numerous methods such as:

  • Email
  • Messages
  • Copy and Paste

Customizable Settings

Like a large font size?  Dislike the button sound?  Calculi has you covered.  In the settings, the display text size, history text size, the number of significant figures can be adjusted.  Even the button sounds can be turned off.

Scientific Constants

Calculi also supports the use of scientific constants.  Common constants from both mathematical and scientific fields (astronomical, chemical, electromagnetic, etc.) are included for use in calculations.

Apple Watch, meet Calculi

Calculi has been rebuilt from the ground up for the Apple Watch.  Taking advantage of watchOS 2, Calculi doesn't require an iPhone to calculate and makes use of the haptic feedback built into the watch.  If you press a button, the watch tells you that the input was successful.  Even more so, if you try to calculate an expression that contains an error, the watch will vibrate with greater intensity.  Also included is a simple tip calculator for providing the total tip, individual payments, and the total amount with tip included.

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